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Voluson S8 Bt 17

    • 21″ LED monitor
    • Touch screen for navigation
    • 3D Advanced and real time 4D
    • High performance image
    • SonoBiometry: Semi-automated biometry measurement for BPD, HC, AC, & FL
    • SonoNT & SonoIT semi-automatic
    • Premium OB tools: SonoAVC follicle, SonoVCAD heart, & SonoVCADlabor
    • Elastography & analysis
    • Scan Assistant
    • Automatic Image Optimization
    • Reporting and image management enables users to create electronic reports
  • Convex Probe RAB-6 RS Mhz
  • Convex Probe Endovaginal IC 5-9H RS Mhz
  • Medical printer Sony UP897 MD

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